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Autism and Technology

on February 4, 2013

There are many different technologies that can help students with autism. When I use the word technology, I don’t necessarily mean digital devices. There are many different tools and strategies that can be used to help students with autism become successful in your classroom.

This week’s sources of information are from the following links:

Some of the strategies that struck me as important were the ones for communication. It is the low level assistive technology that is so easy to get and cost effective for all classrooms. Creating communication boards with either software or simple dry erase boards is doable for most teachers.

What was most fascinating is reading about how students with autism or autism spectrum disorders are using iPad and iTouch technology provided by Apple. Here is a hot new popular technology device that not only is cool but also is assistive for students. This is so exciting for socialization for these students that are sometimes misunderstood by their fellow students. Here is a device that helps them blend in with their peers.

The last link is to a presentation about how to structure your classroom and home environments so they are the most successful for students with autism. It covers creating engaging lessons, tracking data, and reevaluating strategies so they are most effective for the students. It is just an introduction to a pyramid type system that school districts can use to train faculty, staff, and parents in an effort to help students with autism become successful adults. It is a dry presentation and requires several careful reviews to understand the language and concepts presented.

In summary, this week’s focus on autism and assistive technology is to communicate that there is many strategies out there that school districts, professionals, and parents are trying to help their students succeed. It depends on the severity of the disorder and the individuality of the student of what strategy will work. You might have to try many different strategies before you find one or two that work with your student.


One response to “Autism and Technology

  1. jschaff2 says:

    I think it is so critical that you address the individuality of the student– this is so overlooked in the area of disabilities; often an individual is defined by the list of “symptoms” commonly associated with a particular disability as opposed to as seen and respected as an individual first.

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